Unveiling His Beauty, By Pamela Mcgoughy

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Pam also received a certificate in residential home organizing. Pam applies those skills to her work as being a caregiver. Pam is most amiable, as she appreciates each person that God allows in her life. In 2001, Pam relocated from Jackson Tennessee to Elgin, Illinois. Since then, she has met many wonderful people in Illinois. Pam enjoys each person that she has met, as she knows that it is always a reason that people come into our lives. Pam made a huge accomplishment in twenty –eleven. She was obese with being seventy-one pounds over weighted. Since then, she has transformed her lifestyle of health and wellness through health and body transformation at Higher Level Fitness where Coach Hristo Hristov is an amazing fitness coach, as he instructs core fundamentals to having better health. Since twenty –eleven, Pam has managed her health through her coach wellness plan. . Today, Pam continues five days a week, twenty minutes a day with great cardio exercises. Pam began writing the book, ‘’unveiling his beauty in you’’ in 2007. She would write in her daily journal about life, and how she would cope with all of her circumstance, as she would apply biblical scriptures to her situations. Pam says she wrote the book, Unveiling his beauty in you’’ to encourage, inspire and motivate one to their next level of success as each journey…show more content…
Second page – Table of contents (2) Page 3-----------Introduction Page 4----------- Purpose Page 5-------- Dedication Page 6------- Preface Page 7 & 8 The Wonder of Childhood Page 9-------- Fundamentals of

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