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Unwind by Neal Shusterman is the story of multiple teenagers who’s parents have decided to unwind them. After the second Civil War, they decided to make abortion illegal, but you could unwind them once they reached 13. Nobody knows how unwinding happens, except for the unwinds. It’s basically a process of separating your organs, so they can be donated to people who need them. When someone is unwound they don’t die. Instead, they continue living through whoever their organs are donated to. The book follows three teens, Connor, Risa, and Lev, who are scheduled to be unwound. Connor and Risa meet and they hiding so they don’t get unwound. They find Lev, but he wants to be unwound because he is a tithe. Lev runs away from Connor and Risa, and…show more content…
Connor and Risa have to rush him to a hospital even though there is a high probability that they will be caught. They end up being caught and taken to a harvest camp where they will be unwound. While they are at the camp they reunite with Lev. Lev has become a clapper, a suicide bomber with explosives in their blood, so that when they clap hard enough they will explode. Roland gets unwound, and as Connor is about to two other clappers detonate. Lev was going to join them, but he changed his mind last minute and decided to save Connor. Connor is taken to a hospital, where he unwilling gets a new eye from an unwind and a new arm, but the arm used to belong to Roland. Connor and Risa meet back up at the hospital and Connor is given a fake ID to keep from getting unwound. Risa cannot be unwound because she had become paralyzed from the waist down, and disabled people cannot be unwound. Lev can’t be unwound because of the explosives in his blood, which is slowly being removed from his bloodstream. Connor and Risa return to the graveyard and begin fighting against harvesting. Since the admiral is too weak to continue to run the graveyard, Connor becomes the new

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