Unwind Setting Analysis

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Toilet stalls, a time to urinate and excrete, a place to reflect and have privacy. This is not the case in Unwind’s sociological dystopia. Over the course of Neal Shusterman’s teen novel, Unwind, it commonly uses the toilet stalls as a recurring setting to develop character relationships. In this thesis, I will describe the significance of the toilet stall in Unwind and explain how this setting gives us a better picture of Connor and Risa’s romantic relationship. From the bathroom stalls at a school to hide from Juvey-cops to the bathroom where Connor saved Risa from Roland’s attempted rape, and to the toilet stall in Happy Jack Harvest Camp where Risa made out with Connor. It cannot be a mere coincidence, that the author used toilet stalls…show more content…
From what we are given before this rape incident in the bathroom happened, the people around Connor see him and Risa as a couple, yet Connor is not ready for that. For those reasons, Connor intentionally ignored Risa’s call for help to make sure that he and Risa are still friends, however, Risa does not see it that way. In Risa’s eyes, she sees both Connor’s carelessness for not standing up for her, as well as his heroicness for simply being there to ruin the moment. Those mix of emotions on whether Risa sees Connor as a hero or a jerk is inflicting Connor and Risa’s personal relationship. However, from what Risa learned in Connor’s dark and troubled past, Risa realizes that Connor’s actions have a justification. As such, Risa sees Connor as her true hero and potential lover. To justify my point with quotes, Risa’s image of Connor after almost being raped by Roland changes from, “The betrayal is so unexpected, so complete, Risa doesn’t know who to hate more,” to “This is the moment Risa realizes that, even with all his troubles, she sees Connor as a hero.” The romance trope being used during Roland’s attempted rape on Risa is the rescue romance trope when Connor ruins the moment between Roland and Risa. Under those circumstances, the rescue romance trope is used as a method to jumpstart the relationship between Connor and Risa, specifically Risa’s side of the relationship. From Risa showing sympathy for Connor to Risa showing feelings for Connor for his heroism. With this in mind, the rescue romance trope is told through the bathroom in Unwind, because it is often connotated as a suspicious place. Making it a perfect place for Connor to save Risa from an attempted forced sexual assault by Roland. Likewise, the use of this rescue romance trope in
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