Unwind The Time Machine And Fahrenheit 451

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A Journey Through Science Fiction
In all great works of literature, including Unwind, The Time Machine, and Fahrenheit 451, setting has a tremendous impact on the characters. All authors show this influence in different ways. Some authors, like H.G. Wells, show the influence in an entire population of people, other authors, like Neal Shusterman, show it through one or two main characters. Ray Bradbury used his main character 's wife, Mildred, to show how large an influence the place a person lives in can have on a person. In his popular narrative Unwind, Shusterman shows the influence on his three main characters: sixteen year old Connor Lassiter, fifteen year old Risa Ward, and thirteen year old Lev Calder. In the literary classic The Time
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In the classic novel Fahrenheit 451 by Ray Bradbury, like in the iconic book The Time Machine, readers experience many different types of people. From carefree, gentle souls, like Clarisse, to impulsive, semi-insane people, like Guy Montag, every type of person is created in this futuristic society, and every one of them is impacted in some way by their surroundings. One character who exemplifies the futuristic society is Mildred, Montag 's wife. Mildred grew up during a time when books were illegal and technology was everything. As a result of this she values her virtual "family" more than she values her real family: "Millie, does--" He licked his lips. "Does your "family ' love you, love you very much, love you with all their heart and soul, Millie?" He felt her blinking slowly at the back of his neck. "Why 'd you ask a silly question like that?" (Bradbury 62). This quote shows how, because love is not a trait valued in her society, she does not care if her technology loves her. Millie has not been taught how important love is, so, to her, love is a silly, unnecessary thing. In the time period of Fahrenheit 451, people emphasize the importance of owning the newest and best technology. They emphasize the importance of having fun, enjoying life, and not thinking too hard about anything. In doing this, they downplay the importance of love, family, and thought. They focus on the moment instead of the future and act without thinking or considering the consequences. Mildred…show more content…
Science Fiction has been a popular and important genre for centuries. Through science fiction, authors can express creativity and imagination without the limits of reality or possibility. This genre allows people to dream big and imagine the future instead of limiting themselves to traditional standards. However, simply because science fiction is not limited by reality, does not mean that reality can not learn from it. Despite the whimsical ideas found in many science fiction novels, many serious topics are covered in them. For example, Fahrenheit 451 is a science fiction classic originally published in the 1950s, but many ideas covered by the novel are accurate still. With Bradbury 's society of technology obsessed people, many believe he might have accurately predicted the future. He, like many other science fiction authors, predicted at what the future may be and, also like many others, his future may become reality, eventually. Another example is the popular science fiction series, Unwind. As much as some people would like to believe that something as horrible as unwinding could never occur, something like it could. Two sides fighting over something bad, may attempt to compromise and come up with something worse. In this way, Neal Shusterman may have made an almost accurate prediction of

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