Ethics Case Study: 'Public Relations Is The Consumer's Rights'

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CASE STUDY 1: PUBLIC RELATIONS IS THE CUSTOMER ALWAYS RIGHT 1A Introduction The case study examines the significance of upholding ethics behaviour in maintaining professional competence while making a decision. Paula Eng, a junior partner of a public relation firm, was put in an uncomfortable situation by her company’s client in which a compromise had to be made to determine the winner of a talent competition. The client’s manager, Mr Johnson, wanted the average ‘Joe’ to win the competition instead of his competitor, an actor, to gain widespread publicity of the media and to increase the company’s reputation among the public. However, the outcome of the votes turned out the actor to be the winner of the competition. Paula was in a dilemma…show more content…
This is because there are no strong based-arguments or reasons to explain his action and under what circumstances can the ‘average Joe’ being made the winner. His only reason is to get better news story and increase publicity for his company. Mr Johnson’s request is unacceptable as it involves rewarding an individual who does not win the competition. For ethical reasons, Paula should have spoken up during the decision process. Moreover, she strongly disagreed with the decision and knew it was ethically wrong for her client to act in such a way it denied the rights of the other participant. Paula is the one ensuring the competition to run smoothly and it does not feel right for her to remain silent if there are problems related to the competition. Although Paula’s opinion may not be heard or taken into consideration, she should have at least make the effort to have her ‘say’ regarding the competition. It does not matter whether or not the situation favour her - given the fact that Paula is a junior partner in her firm and does not have much control of in the decision making process. Finally, the decision is not hers and her manager is the one that can alter the decision. The printed rules also stated the decision is entirely up to Mr Johnson’s company as per the

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