Different Types Of Upholstery

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Upholstery and Rug Cleaning Loc_name

Get the clean and hygienic Upholstery and rug with Company_name’s cleaning services in Loc_name!
About Us

Company _name are the most experienced upholstery and rug cleaning experts in loc_name. We have got the experience and knowledge of how to do a fantastic job when cleaning your upholstery and rug. We are approved cleaners with most major protection plans and can keep your upholstered items look their best. We offer best cleaning services in Loc_name under these two categories:
1. Upholstery Cleaning Loc_name
2. Rug Cleaning Loc_name
Upholstery: At Company_name, we are experts at cleaning all the types of upholstered furniture. Whether it is made up of finest fabrics or leather, we clean them all. The
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We are trustworthy and have years of experience in cleaning services. Whatever rug you have we guarantee it is not going to be damaged by our traditional cleaning methods. Though our cleaning is intense but it is gentle on your rug fibres. We have specialized machinery to remove dry soil, dust and fine particles by means of Company_name’s pneumatic cleaning processes. We have a custom made vibrating system to shake your rug gently so that deep in ground dirt and soil that often gets tangled between the fibres of your rug can be removed thoroughly. We also offer traditional rug bathing and washing processes which are especially successful with animal urine smells and stains. Our custom made rug centrifuge machine is the only one in the state at this stage, we are proud of this machine as it enables us to clean your rug to the highest standard available. You will also find that the Swift Rug Cleaners rug laundry also has a high tech rain water catchment system and filtrations system. Our water softening assists in the cleaning of the rugs dramatically as well as being kind to the environment. We are proud of our low carbon footprint and we are passionate about the environment. Our rug drying room is state of the art, nothing else comes close. Other so called professional rug cleaners lay your rug on a concrete floor in their garage, carpet clean it then hang it up to…show more content…
We offer you two methods of cleaning:
a. Hot Water Extraction System.
b. Lambrite Dry Cleaning.
We, at Company_name, also offer you with the following Features in cleaning:
1. Durable Fabrics Our hot water extraction system lifts months of dirt and odours out of your furniture. These harsh particles also wear down your upholstery. We offer you cleaning of your upholstery and draperies without being removed from your home. It is recommended to have professional cleaning after every six months to lengthen the life of your furnishings.
2. Delicate Fabrics Company_name offers you with our Lambrite dry cleaning process to safely clean even the most delicate fabrics. With this process, soil and stains are gently lifted out and your furnishings and draperies get dried within few minutes.
3. Leather and Vinyl Restoration
Expensive leather furnishings also require regular cleaning followed by Leather Restoration to help increase the life of the leather and maintain it in a clean and healthy state.
Vinyl is more durable but even it responds to a regular application of Vinyl Restoration Solution.
4. Curtain, Drapes, Pelmets and Swags and

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