Upper Class Vs Caste System

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When young adults leave their parental home to go to college or find employment in a distant part of the country, they face the challenge of establishing new social relationships—ones that are not based on kinship but on common interest. To which common- interest associations do you belong and why? 

• I am a current member of Clark Atlanta University’s Woman’s Basketball Team, Panther Diamond, Campus Activity Board, Student- Athlete Advisory Committee and National Association of Blacks in Criminal Justice. After leaving home to go to college I became a loner, not wanting to get involved in activities nor organizations. It was night until one of my classmates who I consider to be a good friend, told me that I needed to get involved to meet
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Caste systems are closed stratification systems in which people can do little or nothing to change their social standing, because that’s what they were born in and decide to remain in their whole life. There is a wide range of differential privileges in society, which is why individuals are assigned roles regardless of their social class. Members of the upper class hold higher status and positions. The upper class not only have the power and control over their own lives, there economic position gives them the power and control over other’s lives as well. Individuals in the upper class make the laws and keep order for those in society. Without laws and order there would be control in…show more content…
It was not until 1865 that this preliminary Emancipation Proclamation that he proposed to congress at the time, which we know as the 13th amendment, was passed. Abraham Lincoln was strongly against slavery and spoke his mind about it. The 13th amendment was one of the most powerful and influential amendments to have ever been written and passed in our country. The passing of this amendment meant an ending of slavery. Even though the 13th amendment was passed, racism and segregation still played a major role in the lives of repressed groups and is an even bigger role in today’s society. Ending slavery was an ending of a way of life that the majority of African Americans knew of. In order to end social injustice, all of the benefits of being privileged, that allow individuals to navigate through society with ease in areas of employment, social economic status, and other social institutions all need to stop. No matter the color of our skin humans all should be treated equal and there should be respect for all mankind regardless of social class or
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