Upside Down Magic Book Report

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Upside Down Magic By :Sarah Mlynowski,lauren Myracle,Emily Jenkins makes kids feel like they can do anything from head to toe. In the book Nory comes from a family that is perfect and they all go to Sage Academy except for her, because she has wonky magic. Wonky magic is magic that is very bad or messed up. Towards the end of the book Nory goes to upside down magic classes. The upside down magic classes are classes that help you with your magic so you can get better at whatever you are struggling with. One thing that I think is really fascinating is that it’s not only about magic, it 's about persevering when life presents you with a series of obstacles. Early in the book, Nory must take an entrance exam for the prestigious school, Sage Academy. One day Nory was in her garage and she was practicing turning into a black kitten for the test. As she was practicing she turned into beaver and went crazy gnawing on furniture and eating her father 's favorite books. Her older brother, Hawthorn, helps her through this hard time by encouraging her and she finally learns to accept his guidance and…show more content…
At the picnic, her friends were all wanting her to stay and live with her Aunt Margo. Her dad wanted her to come and live with him and her siblings Dalia and Hawthorn. Nory was faced with a difficult decision. “But here she had Aunt Margo, who liked her just the way she was.” While she is thinking about what she will do, she realizes Aunt Margo loves her just the way she is. “You 're not going to give up are you dear?” She has her teacher and friends in the Upside Down Magic class who care about her. All of these people love her for who she is and want her to succeed. The author leaves the reader at a cliffhanger- what will she decide? I believe she will stay with her Aunt Margo because of all the support and guidance from her friends and neighbors who help her get through tough
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