Upstar Big Brother's Eye In The Sky Analysis

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In Jonathan Locker's article "OnStar: Big Brother's Eye in the Sky,” shows the flaws of a well-known company that delivers convenient services to many vehicles. Though this amazing Technology is used among thousands of consumers it is built with a variety of flaws. His persuasive literary writing grabs the attention of the readers with his opinion “OnStar invading privacy”. Locker uses different scenarios to prove his major points towards the audience. OnStar is in the near future which will eventually evolve and monitor many drivers. Jonathan Locker grabs the attention through his writing towards the reader but not convincing enough to side with his opinion. OnStar is becoming a very popular way of assistance among consumers but invading privacy inside one’s own vehicle. OnStar offers several convenient services to their customers in GM vehicles. This company is equipped with a system which is a great representation of the future. Their futuristic systems are capable to have information of everything and anything that is occurring in and out of the owner’s vehicle. Every Vehicle is equipped with a GPS monitor allowing to locate a vehicle as well as have the ability to control the speed. For instance the driver would not have the ability to speed, due to the fact that the vehicles have GPS that will track you and eliminate speed on its own. Now for “Sammy Hagar will only be driving 55 no matter how hard he…show more content…
OnStar systems may be used in the future, but are considered to be Privacy invaders and have greater rights to our personal information. The systems may be well equipped and have great service towards their customers, but it will eventually lead to artificial intelligence dictation and the mandating of personal information by The FBI and government. Though his writing is clear and states certain points to the readers, he did not really have current data base to back up his
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