Adversity And Struggle In Upton Sinclair's The Jungle

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The most significant event of the twentieth-century emergencies the societies classes diversity and struggle. The novel, The Jungle penned by Upton Sinclair attempts to display the lower class economic and social challenges by exemplifying the difficulties of a Lithuanian immigrant family.The predicament situation of Jurgis and his family reveals the dark side of the capitalism, therefore, additionally, it revealed the bourgeoisie class dominance and exploitation of the proletariat class. Throughout the novel, Jurgis and his family encounter varied difficulties from being unable to find a proper job to several deaths followed one after another due to their harsh living conditions which result in the family separation nevertheless the children’s…show more content…
The Jurgis family is one of the victims of this horrible crime. After the death of Ona’s uncle and some arguments , the family “finally decides that two more of the children would have to leave school and work”(Sinclair 71). The poor life had forced the children to leave the school, to make money for families in order to survive. This depicts the lack of government capabilities to bring law and order to the society and protect the future generations from this disastrous crime. If a boy were lucky he might found a job like “ getting men beers”(Sinclair 73)which was a simple task that they could have easily carried it out. One of the consequences of child labor was the accidents they experienced such as the one the boys“ three fingers were permanently disabled ”(Sinclair 70). The unprotected children working condition left and any sort of accident possible to happen, but the necessity of the money had pursued them to accept these circumstances. The boys were not the only victims, the girls became victims too.“ Little Kortina like the most children of the poor, prematurely made old ”(Sinclair 77). The circumstances of life had altered the young girl, she like any other little girl had to take care of her brother and sisters because no one else was available to do this task. Some of these young girls had to also work outside the house as babysitters to gather some money. The Penniless circumstances of the proletarian class had provoked the participation of children to
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