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On July 25, 2015, The Alternatives, Michigan based rock & roll music group, performed at the Uptown Grille in Commerce, Michigan. The Alternatives consist of 5 individuals: Sheldon Kay, attorney, and Oakland Community College professor, who plays the lead and rhythm guitar, Marcus Allen, the lead singer, also playing rhythm and lead guitar, Pete Zee, singer and a drummer, Chuck, bass guitarist and Derrick, singer and acoustic guitar player. The band performs alternative rock and roll music from 1950s, 1960s and 1970s. As for the biggest influence on their music, Sheldon Kay names The Beatles, The Who, The Blue Moon Boys, and Elvis Presley himself. The Alternatives often play their music on their own radio show The Rock & Roll Lawyer Show that comes on every Friday at 6pm on WCXI 1160 AM or can be streamed online, if preferred.
The stage was set up in the back of the Uptown Grille, so that everyone could have a good view on the band. The mood of the concert was informal, the audience was of a various ethnicity and age, the acoustics were excellent and there was no cover to participate in this event. According to Kay, the purpose of the
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and it started on time. The Alternatives performed 3 sets of 5 songs, taking breaks in between sets. The performance lasted approximately 1.5 hours. The concert started with a dynamic and rhythmic rock and roll song in a style of The Blue Moon Boys. The audience seemed thrilled, and, as the performance progressed the people started to get up from their seats, moving along with the melody, and singing out loud. The Alternatives noticed the positive response to their music and carried on with no hesitation. The lead singer, Marcus Allen, accompanied by the lead guitarist Sheldon Kay began their duo, which lead to the opening of the next song. The first set ended up with a melancholic track, performed by the acoustic guitar of Derrick, with a noticeable sound of the bass guitar of

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