Upward Bound

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What Has Influenced Me To Attend A Post-Secondary Education Institution? When I was in the fifth grade I had joined West Side Boys & Girls Club they had opened my eyes on how to be friendly and how to respect others around you.They had prepared me on how to include people and how to open up myself and how to get ready for college and what it has to offer me. Once I got to High School joined a program at my school called Upward Bound Which is a college readiness program at my school. I attend South St.Paul Secondary where my teachers had recommended me to sign up for Upward Bound which is run by Trio. The trio is a program that is funded by the government to help children get prepared for college and all of the information they will…show more content…
The boys and girls club has many great sports activities to join in to help get kids out of the street and become more active in their community. They are there for you when you need them the most and you make so many new positive friends through the activities they have. Camp voyageur was my favorite camp they made you feel wanted and you never felt left out the camp leaders helped you become a leader and made you feel more independent. Boys and girls club have shown me a lot in life and I want to further my education so that someday I can give back to them. With all of my reasons why I want to further my education the most important reason is so I can give back to my family and community one day. Upward Bound has taught me so many valuable lessons and how to manage my time wisely. The people that helped me at school and club have made me want to further my education and come back with a college degree. Mr.Hardeman showing me what hard work can do for you and pursue your goals. This is why I want to further my schooling and make all of these people proud and show them that accomplish everything they believe I can
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