Urban Air Pollution

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Introduction Pollution is an unwanted change in the environment caused by the introduction of harmful materials or the production of harmful conditions (Botkin & Keller, 2014). Urban air pollution is basically the collection of pollutants created by cities (http://en.cyberdodo.com/files/cyberdodo-and-urban-pollution/1.html). Air quality in cities is the result of a complex interaction between natural and anthropogenic environmental conditions. Air pollution in cities is a serious environmental problem especially in the developing countries. The air pollution path of the urban atmosphere consists of emission and transmission of air pollutants resulting in the ambient air pollution (Mayer, 1999). Cities and urban corridors are sites of intense human activity, and many of these activities contribute to air pollution. According to Botkin & Keller (2014), pollutants emitted into the atmosphere at a particular site may join the global circulation pattern and spread throughout the world, and pollutants emitted from urban or agricultural areas may be dispersed to pristine areas far removed from human activities. Urban air pollution, like water pollution and environmental problems associated with solid waste is caused by inability of the local environment to accommodate the level of waste produced by large numbers of people concentrated in relatively small areas. Sources of urban air pollution maybe grouped according to their origin in industrial, residential and transport activities
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