Urban Gentrification System

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People wonder why there are luxury buildings being built in poor communities. There are people out here in this world that don’t understand why the low income people move in those buildings if it’s in their community. As we American citizen have been living through the hazard of others over buying our homes and or having homes removed to another area by the government. Gentrification should be slowed down because demolishing small business and homes to build a big corporation, and condos to make more money should not be done. The government is supposed to help the people whose buildings that are being torn down to have the low income class buildings be renewed. Gentrification is a problem to many people in urban communities because the government…show more content…
They are not just operational systems, like trash collection and water pipes, but financial and social systems. We all participate in them. We define some of them, but are subject to all of them. They are largely in balance and predictable. That 's what systems are, and everyone must follow the rules of the system. Everyone, unless you happen to have the money or influence to redefine a piece of a system you don 't like. Gentrification is therefore widely viewed as sociological trend that reverses the phenomenon of white flight that was experienced when urban places were abandoned for relatively attractive rural housing to culturally fertile ground in the city set up. This is advanced by the professionals who work on white collar employment opportunities who prefer to live near their job. Increased tax revenues associated with gentrification increased property value is a positive economic boost especially occurring in cities making residential properties more attractive to professional and average income group of people displacing low income residents. According to Benjamin Schwarz research “Gentrification and Its Discontents”, “Both authors are consciously, unavoidably “in dialogue” with Jacobs, as Sorkin puts it, so it’s probably not surprising that the two broadly agree on what ails New York and how it should be remedied. The city, Zukin; aments, has “lost its soul.” What Sorkin calls the “Pathology” of gentrification is obliterating those elements of thriving urban life that Jacobs famously identified: diversity of uses; the mom and pop stores; what Zukin calls the “Cheek by jowl checkerboard” of rich, poor, and middle class; the distinctive identity of neighborhoods”. I think Schwarz is saying that the government lost their soul. They don’t care about no one, but how they make their money and having low income people living in buildings because they know they can’t live in the apartment for free. Then they
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