Green Spaces In Urban Areas

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A great way to escape the stresses of day to day life is to have access of an outdoor area. A lush Green space has scientifically proven to be a factor of well being.
“Parks, gardens and green space in urban areas can improve the wellbeing and quality of life of people living there,” says a University of Exeter study.
As half of the world is urbanized today there is a need to provide artificial green areas which are developed considering the need of adjacent communitirs.Green infrastructure is the city and region's alternative infrastructure. It protects the water quality of our streams, rivers and drinking water supplies. It supports the region's diversity of plants and animals, protects air quality, and contributes to the health
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Depending upon the function the cost of maintenance may vary.the conservation parks are mainly for the conservation of the local species of trees and animals.along with conservation the other agenda for this parks are promoting requires high amount of maintanence and have limitations on its accessibility. The neighborhood or community parks are generally provided as an asset to the residential community and it provides with leisure facilities and an escape from the dense urban areas. These spaces are mainly provided to promote human well being and conserve the flora and fauna up to some extent. Urban Parks (Neighborhood/community parks)
Urban parks acts as a catalyst in conserving biodiversity it is a home to various cultural provisional services.
Urban Green Spaces a tool For Conserving Biodiversity
• Depending upon the strategy adopted in the planning stage a parks can play multifaceted roles in conserving biodiversity. It can act as a hope for variety of species of birds, animals, insects, fishes and other living organisms.
• Different indigenous trees can be conserved by planting it in the parks.
Parks Ecosystem and its provision services
• Trees have proved to be pollutant absorbents. Results shows that even 20 trees can absorb the pollution of 60 miles per day by a
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• In case of Japan where there is scarcity of land and CPUL can be a possible solution. Especially the parks at the prefecture level which are huge and have monopoly of trees of one particular species. A mixed use landscape can add the provisional and cultural services.
• Depending upon the available area in a park the exploring option of urban agriculture or horticulture can be considered.
• Incorporating the productive services in the park will amplify its commercial viability and can automatically improve the management of the park
• The economic gains from the landscapes can be reused in the up gradation of parks and these funds can be effectively used for the rebuilding of the parks which are always at a threat of natural disaster in Japan.
• Incorporating the funds into scientific research is a very effective tool in long term conservation and up gradation of parks.
• Combining the leisure and productive use of a landscape will provide people with an opportunity to closely observe and understand the

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