Urban Growth And Decline

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Pyrmont and Ultimo The Urban Growth and decline issues at Pyrmont and Ultimo is a rather commonly known redevelopment success story in Sydney’s history. But first, what is Urban growth and Decline. Urban Growth and Decline is the process in which communities start to grow or decrease in population due to circumstances such as unemployment. In this report, we will understand how the Urban growth and Decline effected the city of Pyrmont and Ultimo. Pyrmont and Ultimo were y far one of Australia 's largest renewal projects. Once it finished, it opened up a lot of commercial residency, businesses, all that has made it a renowned city around the world. Another word for this is world city.

Urban Growth
Initially, Pyrmont and Ultimo was inhabited
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Gradually, people stopped gowing there, businesses shut down and the quarry was becoming neglected.

With the outbreak of WW2, Pyrmont and Ultimo became a central are for the exportation of war supplies. This severely impacted the area and post WW2 led to Pyrmont and Ultimo becoming an entry point to those who were post WW2 migrants. At this time, the importance of manufacturing also declined and the manufacturing activities moved more into the suburbs.

In the 1970’s, when the Botany Bay port container handling facilities was built, Pyrmont became obsolete and made the whole area turn into urban decay where shipping declined, finger wharves were demolished, and there were no more trains. By the year 1981, the population had dramatically deteriorated to only 1590 people.

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This was only a very small proportion in the schemes of things. A total of $241m was spent in order to redevelop Pyrmont and Ultimo. This project was rated one of the largest projects ever in Australian history.

By the year 2004, the population of Pyrmont and Ultimo had risen to over 13,000 people with 2 postcodes. With the new development complete, there were new cafe’s, retaurants, the Pyrmont and Ultimo Community centre ws now unctioning and there were new and better transport to and from Pyrmont and Ultimo.

The regrowth of Pyrmont and Ultimo has shaped the way people saw sydndey. Initially, when people saw Pyrmont and Ultimo, they had a connotation of sydeny as a place which was ugly and run down. However this has alll changed and with a world city in our midst, it is without doubt that Pyrmont and Ultimo is truly a wonderful place and is key in our
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