Synthesis Essay: What Was The Progressive Era?

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The Progressive Era was a time of change for many with many questions asked about the change. Although there was no true answers to the questions there was a ton of opinions and options on how to fix Economic, Political and Cultural change. The progressives were often known as a group of reformers that worked to improve the social and political problems of the 1800-1900’s. Throughout the readings from George Mowry, Joseph Huthmacher and James J Connolly the idea of who the progressives are and what groups they belong to are expresseddifferently. The progressives had sought different reformed societies and political systems. Even though Progressivism was sought to be changed in many ways, There’s many ways Progressivism was expressed. The first article by George Mowry states that the Progressives are the Middle class. These people wanted a huge change in the society they lived in. They expressed this change through forming unions and industrialists. They did this because they wanted job benefits, safer workplaces and higher wages to support their living. The people of the middle class, otherwise known as the progressives at time were very strong willed…show more content…
Huthmacher says that not only is the middle class important and also considered the progressives but he includes the lower class too. Perhaps the Lower class is even stronger He strongly believes that the workforce was important at this time and that if names or key terms in society had to do with anything with the workforce that the “Middle class was set out to right the wrongs of these times”. However, Huthmacher makes a valid point stating that the lower classes outlook tended to be more practical and possibilistic than some of the middle-class Progressives who allowed their reform aspirations to soar in hopes of change. These progressives sought to reform society through Urban Liberalism and planning their facts before acting upon
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