Urban Planning In City Life

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“THE GENERATORS OF CITY DIVERSITY” BY JANE JACOBS Phạm Nguyên Thảo Student ID: 14510673775 Urban planning plays an important role in city life, especially in a dynamic economy and environment of the city nowadays. Because of the rise in number of crime, pollution, traffic jam,…, many cities are looking for new solutions to deal with these ever growing problems. In the past, many urban planners tried to create perfect cities to completely replace the old cities, for example Ebenezer Howard’s Garden City, or Le Corbusier’s Radiant City. Nevertheless, recent planning has switched from strict building codes and grand schemes, to a more community-based approach that focuses on improving community life and the environment in which people live in. Besides, developing cities also face the threat of losing their diversity and identities. Finding a way to develop effectively and preserve their diversity and identities is an aim of many cities. Large influences on the notions that are shaping urban planning nowadays belong to urban theorist, Jane Jacobs. Her notions showed us how to develop city, make it a better place to live, from own original city, not just replace it by a brand-new city. Her theory about “four generators of diversity” is a key for us to make our city meet its best potential. Like many cities nowadays, Viet Nam has been struggling to overcome urban issues, to develop effectively and also preserve its diversity and identity. That why we need to

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