Why Is Urban Planning Important?

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Every urban planning decision should take into account the overall benefits and costs – the triple bottom line – of choosing one land use over another while viewing urban forests as crucial infrastructure providing tangible benefits and values that enhance the quality of life, safety, and public health. In fact, the return on investment in urban forests far exceeds the cost of installation and maintenance compared with grey infrastructure and should be considered a “smart deal” for decision-makers, administrators and citizens. (FAO, 2016).
The benefits of urban forests vary in nature and importance depending on the location and economic, social and environmental circumstances of a given community. FAO, 2016; FAO, n.d; and League of Cities, 2013, highlighted the benefits below which are categorized into three groups, namely; environmental, economic and cultural aspects.
4.1. Benefits
4.1.1. Environmental Benefits Landscape enhancement
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While having a green city can be a source of pride and aid in attracting forest investment. This can be seen in Kuala Lumpur and Singapore who use reclaimed derelict areas in a number of cities to enhance the landscape (FAO, n.d) A habitat for wildlife
Trees provide a habit for wildlife and aid in the promotion of biodiversity-ecosystem which is dependent on a diverse variety of bioforms. As such, urban forestry in Georgetown will aid providing a habitat for biodiversity, which who have otherwise been difficult for these species. In a report, they indicated that a single oak tree, a species commonly found in many American cities, can support up to 500 species of insects and invertebrate species (NLC, 2013). Climatic modification and Climate

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