Urban Settlement Advantages And Disadvantages

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An urban settlement is an area that is more densely populated than surrounding areas. Urban settlements usually feature an abundance of man-made structures and require more infrastructure as opposed to rural areas, which contain more open space. More sewers, roads and public-lighting fixtures are required to maintain safe and sanitary conditions for urban residents. Many urban settlements contain racially, ethnically and culturally diverse populations. Urban land use zones Urban land use zones are planned and developed urban areas that have internal structure. It is often explained by models to simplify the theory as they have complex patterns and functions, although no model works perfectly. Urban-rural fringe The urban-rural…show more content…
Commuters may sit on traffic-congested roads for long periods of time during rush hour. Construction or accidents on the freeways distract and slow down commuters, contributing to even longer delays. Cars carrying only one person use fuel and roads less efficiently than shared cars or public transport and increase traffic congestion. Other disadvantages of commuting are that you have to wake up earlier to either avoid rush hour traffic or to decrease the chances of being late to work due to the distance of your journey as well as traffic congestion. Public services and infrastructure needs to be maintained and improved to reduce the effects of traffic and parking problems that commuters face. To reduce this issue, carpool lanes should be constructed to help commuters reach their destinations more quickly, encourage people to socialize and spend time together, while reducing air pollution. Some governments and employers have introduced employee travel reduction programs that encourage such alternatives as car-pooling and telecommuting. Road expansion and underground parking construction will lead to long-term

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