Urban Sprawl: The Documentary Radiant City

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Urban sprawl has a negative effect due to the hardship of getting around with a car, very limited open space and natural habitat, and pollution. One of the issues urban sprawl has is how people get around. To go to daily places like schools or grocery shops, it is most likely that a car is needed to go from place to place. As mentioned in the documentary Radiant City, they talk about and explain the effects of having many cars and vehicles in communities. More household and individuals living in one community owning one or more cars has a few consequences. A higher amount of vehicles on the streets can cause more traffic, higher pollution rates, and more health problems due to the contaminated air from pollution. Furthermore, loss of open space, habitat, and wildlife is highly impacted due to urban sprawl.…show more content…
In the article Negative Effects of Urban Sprawl, they explain how we are getting rid of and destroying farms to creating new highways, fringe industrial parks and sprawled housing developments (Negative Effects of Urban
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