Urban Sprawl Persuasive Essay

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Table of Contents

Task 3

1.0 Intorduction 4

2.0 Methods of Research 5

3.0 Statement of Findings 6-12

3.1 Population Growth and Urban Sprawl in Brisbane 6 & 7

3.2 Transport habits and trends 8 & 9

3.3 Major infrastructure Development 10

3.4 Air Quality of Brisbane 11 & 12

4.0 Evaluation of Strategies 13 & 14

5.0 Conclusion 15

6.0 Bibliography 16 & 17


“In 2031, through strong partnerships with other levels of government, business and education institutions, Brisbane will grow and deliver a prosperous economy for its citizens.
Brisbane will be regarded as a top ten lifestyle city worldwide. Students, businesses, researchers, innovators and entrepreneurs from all over the world will want to live, study and work here.” (http://www.brisbane.qld.gov.au)

Over the course of the last 25 years, The Greater Brisbane area has experienced a steady increase in its population. The Brisbane City Council has needed to address this change by continuing to provide services and infrastructure to cater for this growing population.
Some planning challenges include the control of urban sprawl, cost of/type infrastructure required, as well as the overall liveability of the city (services, natural environment, air and water quality…etc).

You have been
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The intended purpose of the CLEM7 is to; save time, reduce traffic, improve road safety, improve liability. The CLEM7 allows motorists to enjoy faster, safer and more reliable travel. When using the CLEM7 you can avoid up to 24 sets of traffic lights, which in return will save you up to 30% of your travel time. The CLEM7 serves its purpose, but not as effectively as it could. The toll on the CLEM7 limits its usage and its ability to fulfil its purpose, this just shows that the residents of Brisbane would rather sit it traffic than pay the fee for the
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