Urbanisation And Ageing: The Advantages And Benefits Of Urbanization

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3.3 Urbanisation and ageing The benefit of urbanization is that it reduces population growth. Due to space being very expensive, domestic units are smaller in the cities than in rural areas. Smaller units lead to smaller families. The traditional standard that encourages male supremacy in rural areas is absent in modern cities. Women generally perform most of the duties in raising children therefore they make informed decisions on the number of children they would like to have. Urban women generally decide to have fewer children because they also have jobs and careers. The welfare states can no longer expect financial assistance from the wealthy states. People will now have to work until a much later stage in their lives in order to save enough money for retirement and also have to contribute more money to medical aid and pension funds. Due to advanced medical equipment and medicines, people will live to be much older. Older people are generally more conservative and will pressurise government to balance budgets and reduce national debt and also to stabilise prices. Older people will become the bigger population of voters in the future. Due to older people having a greater need to feel safe in their homes and environment, they will vote for parties who realise that security is a priority. 3.4 Increased savings…show more content…
The number of middle-aged people increases as the world population increases, Middle-aged people are mature enough not to waste money and not very young to use all their money for survival. Middle-aged people therefore are able to save more money. The advantaged countries are those countries with a higher percentage of middle-aged people. Countries that have more savings also have more money to meet the need for new investments. The interest rates on loans are therefore lower and the government accumulates more tax revenue from the interest earned on

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