Desertification In Brave New World

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The novel, talks about the issues related to nature and its devastation which is happening in the present day or for some time lately. The lines in the novel: “But the desertification was not only restricted to rather arid regions but also the “Mediterranean – once fruitful farmland, now a desert” (TYOF 90), shows that the people living in the lands tend to harm and destroy their own land which is also a living space for them. This can be seen in the real world also where the lands of the people are harmed by them itself leading to the ‘shrinking of the land’ and which leads to the world becoming ‘smaller’. This issue is just like what is happening to the Sahara desert where the lands are being destroyed by the people and thus it leads to the expanding of the Sahara. Again due to the higher radiation there was a warming of the seas and oceans. This had even led to the point “that the world’s Oceans are being laid waste!” (TYOF 196). Next to the “Great Dead Zone in the Gulf of Mexico; and the Great Dead Zone in Lake Erie; and the Great Death Zone in the Black…show more content…
One is the compounds which belong to the scientific organizations, the other is the Pleebland compounds where the life of the people is without any morality and discipline and the third group is God’s Gardener who strives hard to protect remaining nature and to lead a spiritual life. The compounds especially ‘HealthWyzer’ walled and heavily guarded sub-urban style communities inhabited by the managerial and technocratic elite corporations that run the society. The compounds manifest the salient characteristics of the contemporary urbanism currently transforming the city spaces through gentrification and making newly created exurban places as sites of anonymous interchangeability. The spaces of the Compounds, their shopping malls, company cafeterias and leisure sites are designed to reduce social life to consumerist
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