Urbanization And Human Ecology

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Ecology is the study of relationship among living organisms and their environment.
It is the science which deals with inter-relationships between the various organisms living in an area and their relationship with the physical environment.
Human ecology means the study of human groups as influenced by environmental factors including social and behavioral factors. (Gidey G, 2006).
Human ecology is the environment, or context, influences the way people live and their health outcomes for better or for worse. I.e. can be positive or negative impacts on the health of individuals. (Goldsteed R. et al, 2011).
Urbanization is the process whereby populations move from rural to urban areas, enabling cities and towns to grow.
Industrialization is the process by which the economy is changed/transformed from primarily producing (as agriculture) to a manufacturing of goods from the raw materials produced. Manual labor is replaced by mechanical production (in masses).
Overpopulation is an undesirable condition where the number of existing human population exceeds the capacity of the area/land.
The human ecology is affected in many ways with urbanization, overpopulation and industrialization. The factors include: health factors, environmental factors, economic factors and social factors.
Health factors come in because with a lot of people moving to cities and towns in searching for better life i.e. employment, food and better shelter, they become over populated in a small environment hence
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