Urbanization In The Late 19th Century

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Chelsey Dolder Margaret- Ann Adorjan History 1152 4 March 2018 19th Century America There were many changes in America in the late 19th century. New technologies made it easier and faster for companies to produce and sell goods, bringing more opportunities for work to the poor population, thus making the United States seem as if it had a better way of life than most other countries. With the changes in America came the rise of the labor movements and growth of urbanization which were two main factors that came from the changes in American in the late 19th century. The labor movement brought many changes to American employment opportunities in the late 19thcentury, Industrial, agriculture, and technological growths were causes behind these changes. Industrial growth brought many changes to the transportation systems in the last 19th century. The creation of transportation systems such as steamboats, canals, and railroads made it much easier to deliver, and receive goods and services in the late 19th century. The biggest development of these transportation systems was the railroad, which would become to be known as “America’s first truly big business”. Railroad systems were able to transport goods, and services much faster, and further than any other transportation systems, which led to a mass amount of goods and services being sold, which in turn led to businesses, and business owners making more profit on selling their goods, and eventually turning their businesses into
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