Urbanization In The Third World

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Dating back to 6000 years ago, the world has already experienced the process of urbanization. Sana’a, the capital city of Yemen, the world’s oldest city have been established. Urbanization can be defined as the net movement of population from rural to urban areas (Citation Wikipedia), in order words, the gradual increase in urban population. All cities share this common characteristic, from New York to Mumbai, Tokyo to Bangladesh, both first and third world countries have witnessed the impacts of urbanization. Although the process of it may be similar amongst these countries, but there are still differences between urbanization in the first and third worlds. The term “First world” refers to countries with a capitalist industrial market economy, also could be regarded as economically, socially, and politically “Developed”. (Citation of 1W/3W) “Third world” refers to countries that are once ruled by a colonizer, but failed to develop economically, socially and politically after independence. (Citation of 1W/3W) To have a consolidated knowledge behind the challenges faced by many, we need to understand the unique features of urbanization in the first and third worlds. Thus in this essay, I will discuss the similarities and differences between the process of rural- urban movement in the first and third worlds under the category of the process of urbanization, slum areas, and social segregation”. The process of urbanization in third world countries tends to cause them to

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