Essay On Rail Transport System

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Globally, First time in the Era of Human History, more people stay in the urban area compared to the rural. Due to the growth of economic activity, people and goods are moving every day from one place to another. To make that commuter journey efficient, there are many Infrastructure projects was developed to manage Traffic congestion and reduced travel time of people. The main Public mode, which was preferred to serve people till today, is the bus but due to the lack of road space and higher cost of service delivery, the bus system is still inefficient to serve public transport in metropolitan cities. There is another mode of transport which was practiced in past is a rail-based approach, to avoid traffic congestion. But Rail based system needs to be dedicated right of way and with heavy Infrastructure. It cost more than other modes of transportation. So emerging question is that how to decide transport model system for the different size of cities. Also to find, why rail transit a system is the failure in most of the case. Which are the concern, affecting decision make to procure rail system. Indian cities economic growth is booming rapidly last several decades, due to it, many people from the rural area are migrated to urban areas. As per census…show more content…
There are a few Mass travel modes are accessible for arrangement, for example, Trams, light Railway, Bus Rapid Transit and Metro Rail. In out of all modes, Study focuses on the Metro Rail Transit System. The primary drawbacks of the metro project are, it’s extremely high construction cost. As per the study conducted by TRRI, for 12 metro projects in the USA, suggested that out of 12 projects 3 exceeded USD 80 million per km (Mahon, 2014) .The cost overrun risk is very high in the metro project. The operation and Maintains of expensive are also higher than other
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