Urbanization Lead To Juvenile Crime

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1.1 Research Questions 1. Does urbanization lead to juvenile delinquency in Islamabad, Pakistan? 2. What are the factors associated with urbanization which led some young juveniles to get involved in delinquency? 3. How lack of supervision of parents, relatives and community members in urban areas lead young one towards delinquent behavior? 4. In what way peer group stimulates the juveniles to commit a crime in urban areas? 1.2 Background Juvenile Delinquency has become a global epidemic and is spreading in developing and developed societies in organized and semi-organized manners. In any civilized society, the criminal justice system has the highest premium as it guarantees the rule of law and fair play to its citizens. In fact, economic growth is unthinkable in a country where there are civil strife and fear for one’s life and property (Khan 1997:2) Juvenile crimes are not only grass rooted in our society due to poverty and survival but are a result of social disorder which prevails in all spheres of our life. It is a social dilemma of our society, where we are unable to mold our community to higher morals and acceptability of other’s right. Juvenile crimes are particularly high in urban areas, especially Lahore because it is an amalgam of all social classes, where poorest to richest subsists, and this clash of wealth gives birth to crimes. When, poor are compelled to commit crimes, considering other who has the luxuries of life. Social

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