Urbanization Of Urbanization

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However, urbanizing rural areas does not necessarily mean that the agricultural aspect has to be eradicated. The places can be developed in a way that, it could further be improved through building better facilities and factories to handle everyday procedures more efficiently. A study entitled “Urbanization and the Viability of Local Agricultural Economics” shows that urbanization has beneficial factors in relation to agricultural economics. With urbanization, not only does the net income of farmers increase, it also provides farmers with opportunities like producing high-value crops and off-farm employment. In the study, there have also been different calculations and formulae to conclude that farmers do gain more from the urbanization of their agricultural lifestyle.
Agriculture has and always will be a major means of income in the Philippines, the country thrives on crops and have always relied on it. It can never be taken away completely, even if urbanization of rural areas do allow a higher income and more job opportunities for people. It would never be an option. That is why the urbanization of these rural areas that have heavy dependence on agriculture will not be affected in a way that their livelihood will be taken away from them. Instead, they will be given more opportunities and will be strengthened even more for their own benefit. This in turn proves once again that the problem of overpopulation in highly congested urban areas will be lessened because adding
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