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Emerging economies are mostly described by the high level of urbanization. However, this is not the case in Indonesia. The goal of the article is to ascertain the relationship between economic emergence and urbanization. Urbanization is a revolution from rural to a developed way of living. It is perceived as one of the world’s leading most notable socio-economic changes.
Urbanization is closely related to economic growth. The author tries to attest this by comparing the economic development of Indonesia with that of countries epitomizing high level of urbanization for example North America, Western Europe, Australia, and Japan.
Nevertheless, in a simpler means, urbanization
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The main determining factor of urbanization at present is global economic operation cities serving as capital and financial cities In Indonesia, driving forces in recent urbanization is; flourishing, crisis and new regional sovereignty and fiscal decentralization politics. It is furthermore triggered by economic developments especially in large cities due to the availability of resources which include raw materials, capital, and…show more content…
Though the study has dealt with urbanization in Indonesia, it has reflected how the arrangement in developing nations
However, there are some limitations in using census data for studies in urbanization, for instance, the problem of an urban area, and other technical problem of urban areas of large cities. The national economic development strategies of the 1980s till mid-1990s, which focused on the promotion of non-oil product exports, has significantly affected urbanization and development in Indonesia
In summary, nearly half of Indonesia’s population resided in urban areas by 2006. Nonetheless, as in developing countries, urbanization in Indonesia is still characterized by a substantial concentration of urban populations in a few large cities. To sum up, the study undoubtedly pinpoints that Indonesia’s urbanization patterns indicate a steadiness over the period from 1980 to 2000. Furthermore, it indicates a combination of Indonesia’s large cities, mostly the Jakarta metropolitan area, into a global

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