Urethra Case Report

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Electric Wire as Foreign Body in the Bladder &
Urethra- A and Urethra—a Case Report & and
Review of Literature
Jaideep M. Ratkal1✉ <Email: jaideepratkal@gmail.com>
Raviraj Raykar1
Shirol S. Shirol2
1 Department of Urology, KIMS Hubli, Vidynagar, Hubli-21, Vidynagar 21, Hubli,
Karnataka, India
2 KIMS Hubli, Hubli, Karnataka, India
Foreign body in the urinary bladder is a relatively rare occurrence. Variety A variety of foreign bodies, majority of which were mostly self-inflicted for autoerotic reasons have reasons, has been reported in the literature. Here Here, we report a case of self inserted self-inserted electric wire in the bladder and review the literature.
 Foreign body
 Self inflictionSelf-infliction
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