Urgent Quick Request Case Study

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Ministerial Correspondence editor Acting Assignment: M8761 Urgent Quick Request - Indian Beach Estates Lease and ?Akisqnuk FN land use planning. An urgent quick request on this subject came in and was sent to the program for response. Urgent Quick Requests have a short turn-around. The finished product was submitted to RDGO on time but missed in the queue as a signing priority before RDG/ARDG trips. With both RDG/ARDG on travel status, the RDG Sr. Advisor had to initiate an electronic approval. Objective: to approve the note with minimum delay and submit to Ottawa for further processing. Actions: (all communications are in writing, transmitted through e-mail) Sr. Advisor submitted note to ARDG for approval. ARDG responded by email requesting clarification to the information in one paragraph. The request for clarification was forwarded to the program for action. The version of the paragraph provided by the program was not approved by the program Director as he considered it still unclear. I was asked to provide feedback. I provided…show more content…
I involved IT in fine-tuning some technical details. I drafted a hand out of step-by-step instructions, frequently asked questions, and a tips and tricks sheet illustrated with screen shots to support the presentation. Result: The team obtained the tools needed to effectively manage their e-mail accounts. The team kept the "Tips and Best Practices" sheet I wrote for them as a useful reference. As a result of effective liaising with the internal client, I wrote up a tailored lesson plan and reference document, delivered the presentation to the team and successfully met a very specific need. • Experience providing direct advice and services to or for Aboriginal individuals and/or communities. EXPERIENCE PROVIDING DIRECT ADVICE AND SERVICES TO OR FOR ABORIGINAL INDIVIDUALS AND/OR COMMUNITIES -

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