Bronfenbrenner's Ecological System Theory Essay

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Childhood is a developmental process, discussing the basic theory of Urie Bronfenbrenner 's ecological systems. He is most famous for his theory of ecological systems on child development. Ecological systems theory states that human development is influenced by the type of environmental systems. Indeed, his theory was in developmental psychology perspective with regard to the influence of the environmental and social impact on children 's development. The process of human development is shaped by the interaction between the individual and the environment. An environmental effect is like their parents, friends, school, work, culture, and so on. His theory states that there are many different types of environmental influences that can affect a child 's development, from the people and institutions around these individuals to the power of culture in the country. Plus, he stated that the effect of the time because of certain events and cultural change over time."Children are like wet cement. Whatever falls on them makes an…show more content…
Structure interaction in the interaction between the layers and the layer structure is the key this theory. The global Microsystems, the influence of the two directions is strong and has a big impact on children. However, the interactions in the outside still can affect the internal structure. 2.4 Terms used in Mesosystem stage of child developmental process The term used in the rankings mesosystem mesosystem child development process Bronfenbrenner is where mesosystem explain how different parts microsystems children working together for the child. For example, if the guardian of the child plays an active role in school children, such as going to the seminar parents and watching a football game with their children, this will help ensure the overall growth of the child is progressing well.
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