Urinary Tract Infections

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Urinary Tract infections are not uncommon for elderly patients. In fact, the population that is most likely to suffer from UTI's are the elderly. It is vital that the diagnosis of urinary tract infections in elderly patients is clinically accurate and precise as a misdiagnosis is common based upon the atypical symptoms associated with a UTI and the link to confusing and delirious behaviours synomous with geriatric patients. This is important in order to achieve optimum patient safety, effective communication and care. Thus, this essay will discuss by using a systematic enquiry the link between older persons and the prominent age related factors of confusion and challenging behavior that is elucidated through UTI's management, treatment and…show more content…
A Urinary Tract Infection is an infection that effects any part of the urinary tract and is usually caused by micro-organisms, particularly bacteria. UTI's are very common especially with the elderly and women. As with most infections the…show more content…
Older patients who do not suffer with these confused and delirious behaviours are much more able to communicate their medical wants and needs as well as self monitor their health whilst others that do suffer these behaviours find this process far more difficult, in turn reducing their overall safety due to challenging communication. Patients who do present with confused and delerious tendancies often portray symptoms very similar to that of a UTI, for instance incontinence It can be concluded that older patients who have such behaviour and present all of the symptoms relating to that of UTI must undergo further investigation to prevent misdiagonosis and ineffective treatment such as antibiotics. However the diagnosis is often more difficult with a high risk of health professionals misdiagnosing the patient based upon the assumption that the patient is suffering from a UTI based upon the prevalence of delirium and therefore treating the patient accordingly. This treatment is most often through unnecessarily prescribing antibiotics that are becoming less effective due to antibiotic resistance.One of the most common misdiagonosis has to do with bacteria within the urine. Asymptomatic bacteriueria (ASB) is common within older

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