Urinetown Character Analysis

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Urinetown is a musical by Greg Kotis and Mark Hollmann. The backbone or spine of this play is stated clearly within the first Act and then numerous times throughout the pay, which is the goal of free urination. The play starts in a gloomy Gotham like city where Caldwell B. Cladwell controls the public restrooms and puts a price on the usage. Forcing everyone to pay to use public restrooms. One of the main characters Bobby Strong becomes interested in Caldwell and Urinetown, which is a place people get sent to when they do not follow rules set by Caldwell and his corporation. The interest comes in after Old man Strong, Bobby’s father is sent to Urinetown for urinating on the streets due to lack of funds to use the public urinals.
Bobby Strong lives under the rules of Caldwell and his corporation. Bobby believes Urinetown is a made up place
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Hope is the daughter of Caldwell B. Cladwell. She starts off copying and faxing papers at her father’s work place. Hope is in love with Bobby which explains part of the reasoning behind her joining Bobby’s rebel group against Caldwell. Hope is then kidnapped by Bobby for leverage in dealing with the town’s public restroom issues. Hope takes position as leader of the rebels after Bobby is sent away to Urinetown. With the power of her gang she sends her tyrant of a father to Urinetown. She runs the town as Bobby would have wanted it, free use of public restrooms for all. Although the play takes a turn from happy ending to disastrous ending. The people get what they want, freedom to urinate anywhere for free but with the cost of the town’s water supplies running out and the town truly becoming Urinetown. Hopes father was making a profit of an awful situation but he was also controlling the water consumption to make it last. Hope’s political standings were to do the right thing for everyone but was blinded by love. The love of bobby and the love of the town’s people. Which in end she was left with none of
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