Us Constitution Chapter 2 Summary

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To begin in order to fully understanding this chapter a considerable amount of reading was needed as well as an extensive time in order to fully understand all that was wrote. For a first time learner some of the topic discussed were extremely difficult to fully understand and follow but with much time and consideration I can now say that I am well versed if all things Constitution. In chapter 2 it started out laying down some of the fundamentals to properly understanding what the Constitution to start off the U.S Constitution was written in 1787 and contains around three hundred words. The Constitution was originally created for an agricultural society. Next the book states that the Constitution is the supreme law of the land which ultimately…show more content…
Those two groups were the Sons of Liberty and The daughters of Liberty. The Sons of Liberty were a groups of citizens and merchants that began to strike in order to get the resignation of the official stamp distributors. Much like the Sons of Liberty, The Daughters of Liberty set forth a boycott of British items such as clothes and food, the British calls for order in all colonies versus American demands for liberty. Because of these events the colonies called for a continental congress that would speak on behalf of all the colonies. The First Continental Congress meeting took place in Philadelphia on September 1, 1774. The meeting was called in order to gain or restore the harmony between Great Britain and the American colonies. Furthermore during this meeting all the colonies present decided that each colony will get one vote and well as the proposal to have a president to be in charge and lead the congress. The second Continental Congress met to appoint a committee of five to begin to start working on the Declaration independence. According to Coleman, “Thomas Jefferson is known as the author of the Declaration of independence.”(pg.) Thomas Jefferson was also the third president. The declaration of independence as explained by Coleman as being “ a document that proclaim the rights of the colonies to be spate from Great
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