Us Constitution Outdated

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The constitution of the United States is an insightful and revolutionary idea of how a government should be practiced in order to prevent a greedy, corrupt form of government from establishing and taking over its people. The US government is founded on the principle that it works for its people, meaning that whatever is legislated is meant only for the benefit of the American people. However, the Constitution is at this point flawed due to the fact that many of its proclamations are vague and outdated, and has to be left to interpretation as to what the framers truly intended of it. This is dangerous because it further divides the nation when Americans believe in different forms of what is constitutionally righteous, and this may start a civil…show more content…
The parliament virtually regulated all of the colony trades so the money that was generated by them stays in the hands of the English by eliminating their ability to trade with other countries, but Britain. The Quartering Act forced the colonists to house British troops and provide them with food without expense. The colonists revolted and once they established independence, the Third Amendment of the Constitution clearly forbids the housing troops of any kind into the homes of owners without their consent. The colonists also frequently had their privacy violated whenever general warrants were issued, which allowed officials to search private properties without needing to provide specific details as to when, how, and why their searching in the first place. The Fourth Amendment fixed this by prohibiting unreasonable searches and seizures, and required officials to provide probable cause when requesting a warrant from a judge. The Declaratory Act was a huge is an example of the lack of freedom that they had while under British rule. It establish that the Parliament had the right to pass laws for the colonies, which was a major reminder that the Parliament believed to be much more superior, and didn’t care as to what rights they were violating because in their view, the colonists didn’t have any. The framers learned that an authoritarian…show more content…
However there is no doubt that there are still problems associated with it. It never explicitly addresses the rights of all the people including slaves, or of women. It’s problematic that the constitution is so highly regarded and followed even when these groups of people are left out, due to the fact that it divides the society by race and sex, and if you were apart of the persecution, it was because you were seen to be inferior, and should not have the same rights of white men. All throughout history we have become keenly familiar with some of the costs of this problem such as how african americans have been persecuted for generations even after the end of slavery. Women weren’t treated any better when you look at how they couldn’t vote until the 1930’s. African americans and white women also weren’t allowed to have the same job opportunities as white men, and in some cases white women are still under the spectrum when it comes to high paying jobs. These facts completely refute the ideology of natural philosophy because it not everyone truly has equal opportunities in this country, which is why it’s dangerous for there being a such reverence for it. If there is such a deep respect for this sheet of paper even after it does not address all of the people is an example that not everyone who
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