Us Constitution Preamble Essay

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The U.S. Constitution What is the preamble to the constitution? The preamble is important to the constitution because it explains why the constitution was written. The constitution was written because the people wanted to create a nation in which states can work together.The preamble also helps the constitution in the way that it establish justice like making laws and setting up courts that are fair and a jury system. Domestic tranquility is keeping peace within the countries like for example the national guard and the federal marshals which the preamble states. The legislative branch The most important job of the legislative branch is to make laws . Also the legislative branch…show more content…
The president orders the military to make treaties but they need the senate permission . The judicial branch The job of the judicial branch is to interpret or explain the laws. The highest and most important court in the united states in the supreme court. The people who serve are called associate justices. There are 8 of them ,and one leader a total of 9! The leader is called the chief justices are approved by the president and the senate they serve for life .They can only lose their job by impeachment .There are 12 court of appeals , There are 2 important legal concepts. Amendments The amendments are very important to the constitution and to the people that live in our country. The amendments also have other name that is mostly know better called the bill of rights.We have the freedom to religious and political freedom, and the right to bear arms, the right of quartering troops, the right to search and seizure, and the rights of accused persons, the right to a speedy ,public, the right to have a trial by jury in civil cases , the right of limits of fines and punishments , the rights of people , the right of powers of states and people.this are all the most important amendment of the constitution and all the
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