Us Involvement In Ww2

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There are many factors that played into the US getting involved during World War I (WWI) but two that stand out were their fiance choices during the war and their close ties with Britain. The United States had claimed neutrality during the first few years of the war, however once Germany had gained an advantage over the Allies and were about to win the war, the United States joined the Allies. This was too convenient for the Allies to be a coincidence. Instead of showing neutrality, they showed a subtle preference for the Allied Powers. At the start of the war. President Wilson had forbid banks from loaning money to any of the countries participating in the war,however once the Allied Powers’ finances began to decrease at a rapid pace because…show more content…
They had a tie that benefited both countries for example, Britain purchasing ammunition and weapons from America. The Allies get new weapons to fight the Central Powers with and America gets a profit. They were the ones benefiting the most from America. They were such good metaphorical friends, that they kept secrets from the public . In President Wilson’s 1917 speech, he speaks about the Lusitania and how the Germans were ruthless for sinking a ship with an innocent cargo, but this was not the case. According to Historian Zinn, “The United States claimed the Lusitania carried an innocent cargo, and therefore the torpedoing was a monstrous German atrocity. Actually, the Lusitania was heavily armed: it carried 1,248 cases of 3- inch shells, 4,927 boxes of cartridges (1,000 rounds in each box), and 2,000 more cases of small-arms ammunition. The British and American governments lied about the cargo.” In other words Wilson had falsely claimed that the Lusitania was a harmless merchant ship, however in reality there was a large amount of arms being shipped to Liverpool, England from New York. While it was true that during America’s neutrality they traded with both the Allied and Central Powers but they showed a favor towards the Allies, the group of countries that were battling against Germany and Austria-Hungary that Britain happened to be a part of. As a
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