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The Wall Street stock market crash shook the nation in 1929. The crash brought America great struggles and it will forever be marked in history as one of the worst economic crises of all time. When Franklin D. Roosevelt was elected president in 1933, the first thing he did was close all of the national banks so that they could be inspected before they reopened. Franklin D. Roosevelt also came up with the New Deal policy, which was supposed to relieve the sufferings of Americans and restore the stock market. Although many question whether it actually helped the United States or if it actually made the situation worse. Despite the debt FDR put the nation in to make these policies, they were actually able to dig our nation a little bit out of …show more content…

Franklin D. Roosevelt wanted to relieve some of their sufferings by providing some direct aid from the government. For instance, the New Deal provided the people with Social Security which, “Created a federal system of old age pensions and assistance for orphans and the disabled. It also created an unemployment insurance system”(Kantor’s Website). Social Security gave the people comfort and hope now that the government is there to help them. If a family could not provide for themselves, then they would receive aid instead of struggling. In addition, the New Deal also created works programs like the WPA which, “Created jobs for millions of unemployed people constructing roads, hospitals, parks, and many other projects”(Kantor’s Website). These works programs provided men with jobs so they could receive paychecks to feed their families. Even though the salary was at an all time low, anything helped, and the parents were just glad to be able to provide hot lunches for their kids. The New Deal policies allowed families to get back on their feet and relieve some of their …show more content…

To fix these issues, FDR came up with reform organizations that would ease some of the problems they were having. For example, to fix the banking situation, Franklin D. Roosevelt created the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation and the Securities and exchange commission. The Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation stated, “It protected people’s bank deposits, thus eliminating the problem of bank runs that were a serious problem in the 1930s”(Kantor’s Website). Each of the banking organizations made sure that there wouldn’t be any unfair banking practices in the stock market. They also helped ensure that the people’s money and savings in their bank accounts would be safe. Farmers were struggling greatly after the Great Depression because nobody could pay for their crops, and their land was too expensive for them to pay for it. Although, the Federal government created the Agricultural Adjustment Act which stated, “They paid farmers to reduce the amount of crops they planted, in order to cut excess production”(Kantor’s Website). They used the method of supply and demand to help build back up the world of farming. The government would help them pay for the amount of time that they were having to miss farming, but the prices on the crops would increase drastically. These financial crises were lifted off of the

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