Use And Gratification Theory In Media

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Uses and gratification theory is a theories that focuses on what people do with the media and what media does for the people. Uses and gratification theory is different from others theories that it suppose that because individuals have the right to use the media, not passive consumers who position themselves as media. Uses and gratification theory to explore how individuals purposely look for media to meet specific needs, such as entertainment, relaxation or socialization or goal. Several researchers have classified the type of uses and gratifications into a fourfold category system such as cognition, diversion, social utility, affiliation, withdrawal, and expression.
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Individuals will uses a cognitive way to obtain information about something by using a mass medium. People watch news to get what had happening in our world or look for some news idea from a magazine or books. However, research has noticed that there are two different types of cognitive functions are being performed. The one hand is using the media to keep up with current events, the other is to use media to understand a general things or a person 's curious that the things that related. People use the media to keep up with current events because people want to keep up with the government 's doings and understand what 's going on in the world. For example, people use media to know about latest news such as Penang flood news and MH370 news. Others people use the media to understand the causes of things in order to satisfy their curiosity and give them some ideas. For example, at 6 Nov 2017, Johor Darul Ta 'zim Football Club has donate the Malaysia Cup prize money to the victims of Penang Flood, this news has given a ideas to all the people to help the victims of Penang flood. This needs is to strengthening our knowledge and understanding of the world which we…show more content…
Firstly, stimulation is a seek emotional or intellectual seems to be the inherent motivation of mankind. Psychologists have label these activities as "awake behaviours" -games, play, entertainment, and other forms of activities that appear to maintain the lowest levels of mental activity. Many people report that they just watch, read, or listen to pass the time. The media has taken many creative way to avoid a person’s boredom. For example, some of the transportation will provide a audio or video for entertainment along the journey such as airline, intercity bus and a long-distance train.
Besides that, relaxation is a behaviour to escape the pressures and problems of day-to-day existence. When a people faced overload, they will tend to relieve themselves. The media is a source of such relief. Reading channels or reading magazines represents a pleasant shift from the frustrations of everyday life. For example, some people can relax by listening to a movie classical music. The content of any media material might be used by some viewers to relax so the content is not a define

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