Use Of Abortion In Levinson's 'Pragmatics'

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The conversation is taking place at the Hospital. Adaline has got an accident when she drives a car in the night. As she turns the car around, a tow truck plows into her, a hit and run, leaving her to die. An ambulance takes her to the hospital. Ellis is waiting in with anxiety in hospital waiting room. Then, the doctor is already checked up Adaline’s condition after car accident that happened to her. The doctor calmly tells the condition of Adaline to Ellis.
First of all, the answer provided by the doctor seems to flout the maxim of quantity, since more information than required is given. In the conversation, Ellis just asks about Adaline condition. But the doctor gives too much information than what is required by Ellis since he says “We've just run a series of tests and don't see any long term damage. It's quite remarkable, in fact.” Based on Grice (1975) in Levinson book, Pragmatics (1983), when a speaker deliberately gives more or less information than it is required by the situation, it means the speaker flouts the maxim of Quantity. The doctor explains that she already runs a series of test, then says what the result is,
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Implicit Meaning of the Flouting Maxim
Based on the situation, after Adaline’s accident, it can be conclude that the doctor flouts the maxim of Quantity. The reason for doctor's flout can be explained if one assumes that he was trying to observe the maxim of quality. It is because she wants to make Ellis relief because Adaline condition is fine. That is why she explains the result of the test and gives a comment that Adaline’s body is strong and remarkable. And she will get well soon because there is no long term damage found after a series of test.
From her expression, it can be seen that she is confident to say her patient is in good condition. By giving more information, she wants to make the patient and their family does not too worry about the result of the accident. Specifically, the doctor is attempting to calm down the
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