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15 Medicinal Uses of Betel Leaf Betel leaf has number of uses in treating several ailments. It has efficient medicinal uses and some of them are mentioned here. Analgesic Betel leaf is classified as analgesic as it has the pain killing capacity. It alleviates pain due to inflammation, indigestion and rashes etc. A paste can be made from the betel leaves and applied externally on the injured area or its juice can be taken in to cure internal pain. It also treats headache. Resolves constipation Betel leaf consists of antioxidants that can clean free-radicals from the body. The stomach upset can be resolved by regulating the pH levels of the stomach leading to the relief from constipation. You can be relieved from constipation by chewing betel…show more content…
Betel leaf protects you against oral pathogens, bacteria and other germs. Betel leaf prevents tooth decay and cleans the mouth. It is helpful in reinforcing the teeth, strengthening the gums, preventing oral bleeding. The protective nature of the mouth can be increased by gargling every day twice with one cup of water mixed with a drop of betel leaf oil. Sore mouth can be treated by gargling with water boiled with betel leaves. Resolves bronchitis Congestion can be cured by applying mustard oil on the betel leaf and warming it before placing it on the chest. You can have instant relief from cold, bronchitis and other respiratory problems by taking concoction of betel leaves with cloves, cubeb, cinnamon and cardamom. Relief from persistent cough The antibiotics present in betel leaf function effectively against the persistent cough especially seen in whooping cough. Phlegm and inflammation resulting from cough can be reduced with the antibiotics of the betel leaves. Water is boiled with betel leaves, cloves and cardamom and a decoction is made. This is taken thrice per day. Antiseptic Betel leaf is rich in polyphenol called chavicol and is an antiseptic. Betel leaf acts as an antiseptic when applied on the cuts to kill germs and the polyphenols in it helps in treating the inflammation of arthritis.

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