Use Of Cell Phones In School

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Could Cell Phones Have a Place in Schools? Buying materials for the classroom isn’t as cheap as it used to be from pens to pencils or even notebooks and calculators, phones can do the same thing any of these materials can do. Materials for school aren’t cheap anymore, that 's why students should be able to bring their own phones to class and use them instead of charging the schools thousands of dollars to buy materials when that money could go towards refurbishment of the school. Though cell phones are currently banned in many classrooms, they moreover be used to improve the student’s academic lives. Teachers in classrooms around the world have to buy supplies for their classrooms, they aren’t ordinarily funded. If a student was to bring in their cell phones they could be used as a writing tool, eliminating the need to buy pencils, pens, paper & calculators and much more. Phones have the capability to read documents, that would eliminate the need for having to make paper copies for the class ultimately saving trees and other wildlife. Another use for cell phones in class is students listening to music while they work. A study showed that students who listened to music while they work on their assignments were able to pay more attention to the assignment while not being distracted by outside noise. Conversely teachers think that music would distract the students from learning. Nevertheless everybody has their own opinions on the topic. Yes, cell phones should be
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