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Computer system consists of any software and various peripheral devices such as a printers, scanners or routers that are necessary to make the computer function. Every computer requires an operating system. The computers that are connected to the system can operate independently. They have the ability of communicating with other external devices and computers.
Computer system is a combination of electronic hardware and software. It takes data as input and processes, it to supply us with an output, such as information or a physical action. But it can only follow the instructions that we give it.
Computer systems used in everywhere in the world. By using computer systems we can do our tasks very easily and quickly. It has made our life more comfortable. Computer systems are used in almost every field of life. There are some examples of different environments where the computer system are used.
 Home
 Education
 Medical Field
 Business Field
 Banking 1.1 HOME: Most people use computers at home to know what is happening around the world and many other things. People used computers at home in different ways.
1. In Home Budget
2. For Computer Games
3. For Entertainment
4. Get Information
5. Use E-mail
6. For Chatting/Instant Messaging
7. For Facebook
8. For Online Shopping
9. For
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Teachers can use audio video to prepare lessons by using computer. Teachers can use Microsoft PowerPoint to prepare presentations about their lectures. Those presentations can displayed on multimedia projectors in class rooms. This is easy to learn for students. It is easy to deliver for teachers also. Computers are helpful for instructing the students using PowerPoint slides, Word documents or Web pages. It helps in improving pronunciation of students by using microphones, headphones and also speakers. With the help of computers guiding the students to use internet and collect

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