Use Of Environmentalicides Polution In Indi Pollution Through Pesticides

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• Pollution through pesticides The use of pesticides has emerged as one of the essential agro – inputs to increase and sustain crop yields, but their effects are not goods . Scientific surveys and evidences indicate that particles , sprayed or used over crop leave un dissolved and harmful elements which are transferred to humans and other living bodies through grains , vegetables , fruits and grasses , causing a number of disease , ailments and harmful effects on our health. The indiscriminate use of chemicals pesticides concern the presence of pesticides residue in our foods . all these pesticides have a tendency to survive in plant in a long time . they enter the food chain and are found in meat and dairy products . according a study , more than 80% of milk samples tested in India contain residues of DDT & HCH. Figure :- model of DDT contaminated cycle ( sources :- madan mohan 2000) PESTICIDES RESTRICTED FOR USE IN INDIA • DDT • Lindane • Methyl bromide • Aluminium phophide • Parathion • Sodium cynamide • Endisulfan • Diazinon • Fenthion • Dazomat • Methoxy ethyl mercuric chlorides (MEMC) Fundamentals of organic farming Introduction and background The organic farming is based on the sustainable farming systems which maintain long term fertility of soil, use less of earth s finite resources to produce our food. The method of organic farming is not a new found technology at all. Some principles of organic farming were followed ever since the

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