Use Of Foil In Romeo And Juliet

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Literary devices help readers connect, relate and understand how the characters feeling. William Shakespeare, the writer of Romeo and Juliet used the foil technique multiple times to accentuate a character’s personality and emphasize. Shakespeare uses the foil technique to show how two characters differ. In the story, there is a family feud between the Capulets and Montagues, two wealthy and respected in Verona Italy during the 14th century, also known as the Renaissance. The families have had a feud for as long as anyone can remember and it continues to grow. Romeo is from the Montague family where as Juliet is from the Capulet family. Shakespeare uses foil in the play to allow others realize and know who each character is and allows their personality to accentuate their self as well as another character. Benvolio and…show more content…
In the play, Shakespeare uses Tybalt and Benvolio because one is very hostile while the other is peaceful much like how the family feud can be. They are a smaller version of the feud combined into a character so the reader can really understand how bad the feud is. He also uses the main character Romeo and his best friend Mercutio because one is humorous and jokes around while Romeo is serious and believes in love, dreams and fate and that essentially what the play is about. Their difference allows the reader to know how in love Romeo is for this girl he met and how he would do anything for her yet Mercutio does not understand love or take it as serious. Without foil the reader may not understand who a person is as much or why they do what they do. Foil can wrap up concepts into one thing that a reader understands but as it goes on they they can see what was hidden under the cover the author put on similar to a cake. A cake is mysterious under the frosting and you may find out there was more to it than what was peaking
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