Use Of Irony In Labyrinth

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The Maze of Irony “Through dangers untold and hardships unnumbered, I have fought my way here to the castle beyond the goblin city to take back the child that you have stolen, for my will is as strong as yours, and my kingdom as great you have no power over me.” How is surprise created in text? It is created when the author uses a literary device of irony. Jim Henson uses three types of irony in Labyrinth to convey a strong sense of surprise. In Labyrinth Jim Henson uses a type of irony called dramatic irony, this is used when we know something the characters don’t. Verbal irony is when the character says the opposite of the situation. Situational irony is when you and the character know what is coming next. To start off, In Labyrinth they used the literary…show more content…
The first scene he used it in was when Sarah stopped and asked a caterpillar which way to go and the caterpillar says “If she kept going that way she would have gone straight to the castle.” Sarah’s goal was to get to the castle. He also uses it when Jerth screams to the goblins “STOP THEM, HIDE THE BABY!” We knew the goblins were sent after them but Sarah did not. Another time he he applies dramatic irony to the movie is in the scene when Jareth tells Hoggle “If Sarah kisses you I will make a prince.” Hoggle responds “y-you will.” And jerth says “Yes the prince of the internal stench” Sara ends kiss him and they end up on the lands next to the internal stench. Last, the final irony used in his movie is situational irony. This irony is applied when Jareth tells Hoggle “Don’t lose your head.” And he soon ends up with a bunch of fire goblin who are throwing their heads around. Another way he uses it is when Jareth tells Sarah “solve the labyrinth, you get your brother back.” The last way he uses it is when Hoggle is “killing” the fairies and Sarah “Don’t you're hurting it.” “ Aww, you poor thing let me help you. Ow, it bit
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