Use Of Irony In The Lottery By Shirley Jackson

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The Lottery Essay This story by Shirley Jackson is very well written and ends with irony. The story was about a village who had an annual lottery. All of the villagers gathered and took a piece of paper from a black box. Tessie is a lady whose husband won and she said it was not fair. They redid the lottery and Tessie was chosen this time. The irony of this was that she was stoned instead of getting money. The 3 people who had 2 sides of humanity within the story were Mrs. Delacroix, Tessie’s husband, and Mr. Summers. The first person who had shown 2 sides was Mrs. Delacroix. She showed 2 sides because she was Tessie’s friend but then she stoned Tessie. When Tessie arrived late, she was the first one to see Tessie. She represents both the
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